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23 Feb 2017 ID: 426183115
Personalisation is key to the appeal of the all-new Nissan Micra, and 500,000 Facebook Live viewers have discovered that for themselves by helping to build a car on the social media platform.
23 Feb 2017 ID: 426183165
At the recommendation of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn, the Nissan Board of Directors has decided that as of April 1, 2017, Hiroto Saikawa will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ghosn will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and he will seek a renewal of his mandate at the company’s general shareholders meeting in June 2017.
22 Feb 2017 ID: 426182824
Nissan – the official Global Automotive Sponsor of the UEFA Champions League – announces its next commercial will feature Global Ambassador and Manchester City F.C. star, Sergio Agüero and Ana Rueda Hernandez, a student and part-time baker from Madrid.
21 Feb 2017 ID: 426182624
• Suicide Squad and The Wolf of Wall Street actor revealed as the new face of Nissan’s electric vehicle and zero emission programme • In first mini-movie, Robbie takes Nissan BladeGlider for a midnight spin around Monaco as company moves to attract new audience to the electric revolution • Watch the action here
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