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sept. 19, 2017 ID: 426204834
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has reached a new milestone with 150 million vehicles produced globally. It took 73 years for Nissan to produce its first 100 million vehicles after the company was founded in 1933, and another 11 years to build the last 50 million.
sept. 15, 2017 ID: 426204678
Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors to strengthen cooperation and accelerate use of common platforms, powertrains and new technologies
sept. 11, 2017 ID: 426204112
The entire Nissan Sunderland Plant workforce has been awarded with the Honorary Freedom of Sunderland, in recognition of its “outstanding contribution to the wellbeing and community spirit of the city”.
sept. 11, 2017 ID: 426204150
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. a confirmé aujourd’hui que son partenariat mondial avec la Ligue des Champions de l’UEFA (Supercoupe de l’UEFA incluse) était prolongé de trois ans.
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