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jan 18, 2018 ID: 426215257
Nissan Design Europe, the brand’s world-class creative hub and starting point for some of today’s most popular and innovative models, this month celebrates 15 years at its current home.
okt 26, 2016 ID: 426157487
The Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept is a tough and smart all-terrain pick-up, designed to operate as a life-saving rescue platform in some of the world’s most harsh and extreme environments. It received its world debut at the 2016 Hannover Motor Show.
sep 21, 2016 ID: 426150107
Nissan onthult op de Hannover Motor Show 2016 de bijzondere Nissan EnGuard Concept. Het is een robuuste en stoere pick-up die onder de extreemste en zwaarste omstandigheden inzetbaar is als hulpverleningsvoertuig. Het is een rol die de Nissan Navara, bekroond met de International Pick-Up Award, op het lijf geschreven is.
sep 21, 2016 ID: 426150060
A quick glance at our stand here and you cannot be in the dark about how proud we are of our partnership with the UEFA Champions League. With the new season underway, this great relationship enters its third year.