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Jean-Pierre Diernaz - Vice President Marketing, Nissan Europe


Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Vice President Marketing, Nissan Europe

  • Expertise: sponsorship, sales and marketing
  • Availability: phone interviews, radio, TV
  • Locations: Paris
  • Languages spoken: French, English
  • DOB: 15-May-1969


Who is Jean-Pierre?

Jean-Pierre Diernaz was appointed as vice president Marketing for Europe in January 2106. Prior to that he was Nissan's first ever Electric Vehicle Director.


Career History

Jean-Pierre joined Nissan in 2005 as the Advertising Manager for Europe. He was then promoted to General Manager of Marketing and Communications for Europe. He has worked in advertising, contributed to the new Nissan digital platform, created pan European media activities and branded content platforms such as the Nissan Freeride world tour. Three years ago, before taking the role of EV Director, he worked as Marketing Director for Infiniti for Europe, Middle East and Africa, developing the brand in the highly competitive premium automotive sector.

Before working at Nissan he spent 12 years at Ford where he started in audit, before moving to sales and product marketing - eventually becoming Regional Sales Manager for France.  He also worked in the UK as Ford Europe's brand manager before settling in France as Marketing Communications Manager. Outside of the automotive industry he spent a year and a half at Nestle (FMCG).


Achievements at Nissan

His proudest moment so far at Nissan has been the launch of the Nissan Qashqai.  Jean-Pierre was involved from the very beginning and took a lead role in the development of the strategic marketing communications plan. He was responsible for developing the advertising and creative positioning of the Qashqai in Europe and it has been the most awarded advertising campaign for Nissan.


Personal memory

One of Jean-Pierre's most memorable moments at Nissan was his first trip to Tokyo, Japan as head of Marketing Communications for Europe. It was his first high level meeting with the board and Nissan's top executives.  He used this opportunity to not only learn about Nissan but also explore the wonders of Japan and Japanese culture. In fact, he stayed out almost all night before his meeting to explore the city. He says: "Despite our lack of sleep we presented well and gained a high level of trust with the top executives. It was my first time in that crazy city and I spent a fantastic night discovering the real Tokyo."


Why is Nissan different?

Jean-Pierre says: "Nissan is a very international company - in my last role I had 12 nationalities in my team. It is a very rich and diverse place to work and this provides a lot of momentum to the team.

He adds: "I am also continually amazed by the ease of access to top management. There are not a lot of companies where you can call the head of design on their mobile. It's a very big company and there are a lot of processes but the reality is that everyone works very closely and are not only work colleagues but friends."


Future Predictions

Jean-Pierre says the role of Nissan's Electric Vehicle Director will continue to expand as the technology and infrastructure around EV improves. He believes EVs will become essential to car-sharing and will advance telematics, spur on infrastructure improvements and result in great environmental benefit.

He says the next great leap in technology will be centred on the recycling of batteries. Fully charged EV batteries will give back by transferring energy to your home - acting like a storage unit.

He says: "Over the last 20 years in the auto industry I have watched this evolve from concept to reality. I would compare this technology transformation with the launch of the internet. These ideas all require out of the box thinking and change management."


Education and Awards

  • Graduated with a degree in business administration from Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG) University in Paris (1993)


In Jean-Pierre's Personal Time

Jean-Pierre is a huge sports fan and used to play a lot of sport to a high level. He has run the marathon in Paris and New York as well as other races. Originally from the French Alps he loves skiing. His second love is modern art and design in general. He is married with three children and his family keeps him very busy.


Jean-Pierre's Current Ride

Jean Pierre drives a Nissan LEAF and a Nissan Murano. His first car was a blue Renault R5 permanently "borrowed" from his mother when he went to business school.

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