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Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi - Executive Vice President, Alliance Technology Development

Tsuyoshi YAMAGUCHI - Executive Vice President, Alliance Technology Development


  • Expertise: Automotive safety and body technologies
  • Availability: Phone interviews, radio, TV                        
  • Location: Atsugi, Japan
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English
  • DOB: January 1959


Who is Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi?

Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi has been Executive Vice President for the Renault-Nissan Alliance Technology Development (ATD) since April 2014. In this role he is leading advanced technology development and commonization of competitive platforms, powertrains and parts around the Common Module Family strategy for global Renault-Nissan Alliance needs.  


Career history

After graduating from Kyoto University, Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi joined Nissan in April 1984 and has been with the company for his entire career to date. He spent the first part of his career in Japan, working in various areas of product engineering.

In 2000, he moved to the US and worked at the Nissan Technical Center North America (NTCNA) which was the overseas Research & Development function responsible for the US operations located in Michigan. He became a President of NTCNA in 2004.

In 2008, Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi returned to Japan where he was appointed as Corporate Vice President of Nissan and was responsible for several important engineering divisions including R&D engineering management, vehicle test technology development, and Nissan passenger vehicle product development. In April 2011, he was appointed Corporate Vice President in charge of Infiniti product development before moving in 2012 to the Renault-Nissan Alliance where he was responsible for Common Platform and Parts.


Achievements at Nissan

Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi says that one of his most notable achievements was his role in the development of the Nissan LEAF, during his time as Corporate Vice President in charge of Nissan product development. He says there were many challenges in turning the LEAF into a mass production vehicle and the first of its kind in the world. He is especially proud of the LEAF's reliability and the way it feels to drive.

Thanks to the strong motivation and capability of the teams working on it, the LEAF has received "Car of the Year" awards for Japan and Europe as well as the ‘World Car of the Year".


Personal Memory

Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi cites his time at Nissan Technical Center North America as a highlight of his career due to the diversity of the people he met and the amount he learned while spending time in another market.


Why is Nissan Different?

Having spent 30 years with Nissan, Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi says it is a fantastic company to work for because of the diversity of its "people, products and regions". He thinks that the Alliance is the prime example of this. This diversity is why Nissan has such competitive, high quality products and technologies, he adds.


Future Predictions

Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi believes that electrification and vehicle intelligence will be the two key areas of automotive technology that will evolve significantly and create outstanding new value to customers and society in the future. He says these technologies will facilitate three ground-breaking innovations for Nissan in the future: autonomous driving, connected cars and zero-emission technology.


Education and Awards

  • Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Kyoto University


In Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi's Personal Time

Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi splits his time between Japan and France, travelling between the two countries every month. When in Japan, he enjoys driving and exploring the country by car to see the landscapes and experience the different types of culture, people and food. He has driven to all of the 47 prefectures in Japan.


Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi's Current Ride

Tsuyoshi currently drives a black Nissan Skyline and says he loves the way it feels on the road.


February 2015

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