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Joseph Peter - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

 Joseph PETER - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer


  • Expertise: Financial and operational strategy, automotive sales finance, financial planning & analysis, control and accounting, treasury, cash and risk management, tax, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations
  • Availability: Phone interviews, radio                   
  • Location: Yokohama, Japan
  • Languages spoken: English
  • DOB: June 1963


Who is Joseph Peter?

Joe is Nissan's Chief Financial Officer. As such, he has a wide-ranging role which encompasses responsibility for the full financial strategy of the corporation, working closely with operational and regional management.  From capital allocation to treasury operations, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding, Joe Peter is focused on driving the business forward through constant improvement and keeping the corporation's balance sheet competitive. 


Career history

Joe has spent more than 30 years working in the automotive industry, having been born in Detroit, in the United States, and starting work for General Motors. His father was an assembly line worker for a large car manufacturer, so the passion for the industry runs through his veins.

During the past three decades, Joe has spent more than half of his time working in positions outside of the US, in financial and executive roles in many countries including Mexico, Sweden, South Korea, China, and Japan. In October 2009, he moved to Japan to join Nissan as the Chief Financial Officer. Prior to this move he spent 25 years with General Motors, rising through the company to become the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the North American and International Regions.


Achievements at Nissan

Joe is particularly proud of the way in which the team across the world has fought hard to drastically improve the health and future outlook of the company, particularly as the global financial climate has gone through a very turbulent period - during his tenure, the

company has significantly strengthened its Balance Sheet, accumulating a historically high Automotive net cash position.


Personal Memory

Joe is proud that his sales finance business teams have raised the bar in terms of contributions to the overall business through increasing market penetration, profitability and the closer integration with the sales & marketing teams globally. He says it is reflective of all of the efforts from hundreds of people around the globe.


Why is Nissan Different?

"Nissan is very different to some perceptions of a traditional Japanese company - it is one that has really embraced a global mind-set. What stands out especially for me is the management diversity, agile cross-function and cross-regional working, and the openness of being willing to work with a variety of partners. It's extremely refreshing," Joe says.


Future Predictions

"The amount of technology in cars these days, and overall their increased convenience, is only going to continue to grow at a rapid rate," Joe says. "If you think of how significantly we have moved forward in the last 10 years, it creates a fascinating picture of what sort of enhancements we might see coming down the line in the next ten years."

He also believes we are witnessing a resurgence in the passion and emotional connection to cars, meaning that vehicles are moving away from the risk of being a "commodity product" to once again being an enjoyable part of people's lives.



  • MBA, Wayne State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Corporate Finance, Wayne State University


In Joseph's Personal Time

Joseph enjoys travelling and reading, particularly the action novels by David Baldacci. He also likes to play the occasional game of basketball.


Joseph's Current Ride

In Japan, Joseph drives a Nissan Fuga, and in the United States he has an Infiniti QX80. He also owns a 1958 corvette. His first car was a burgundy Pontiac Trans Am.


February 2015

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