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Fumiaki Matsumoto - Executive Vice President Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Operations, Nissan Motor Corporation

Fumiaki MATSUMOTO - Executive Vice President Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Operations, Nissan Motor Corporation

  • Expertise: Manufacturing and operations, production process improvement
  • Availability: Phone interviews, radio, TV                       
  • Location: Yokohama, Japan
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, Spanish and English
  • DOB: 8 December 1958

Who is Fumiaki Matsumoto? 

Fumiaki Matsumoto is an executive vice president for Nissan Motor Co., with responsibility for the company's global manufacturing and supply chain management. He leads more than 100,000 employees around the world and motivates them to consistently deliver against Nissan's customer-focused production system.


Career History

Fumiaki Matsumoto joined Nissan Motor in 1981 after graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Tokyo University. He transferred to Spain in 1995, beginning a series of European-based management roles for manufacturing at Nissan Motor Iberica S.A. He transferred to Renault in 1999, just after the creation of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.  From 2008, he transferred to Nissan Motor Iberica S.A. as Managing Director.  From there, he transferred to Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., in 2010, where he served as Managing Director of the passenger vehicle business until he was named to his current role in April 2014.


Achievements at Nissan

Fumiaki Matsumoto is a leader in the "Nissan Production Way," a synchronized production philosophy designed to increase productivity without any disruption between the manufacturer, supplier, dealer and customer. His tenure at Renault was developing common production system between Renault and Nissan with Renault colleagues.  It became the basis of "Alliance Production Way" which is started in Feb. 2015.


Personal Memory

Fumiaki Matsumoto is particularly proud of the hard work and accomplishments achieved by the Dongfeng team during his tenure as the company's managing director. The success has been recognized by Fortune magazine as a best place to work in China.


Why is Nissan Different?

Fumiaki Matsumoto believes Nissan fosters an open and collaborative environment where all employees are empowered to innovate. He believes the company's diverse employee base allows it to consistently challenge convention in all areas of the business.


Future Predictions

Fumiaki Matsumoto envisions a future where vehicles are free from consuming the Earth's natural resources and accidents can be prevented through advanced technology.   

Another future vision is a factory that is providing complete service demanded by customer requirements.


Education and Awards

  • Bachelor of Economics, Tokyo University
  • Best Place to Work, China, by Fortune magazine (Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.)

In Fumiaki Matsumoto's Personal Time

Fumiaki Matsumoto enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He is also a big fan of motorsports.


Fumiaki Matsumoto's Current Ride

Fumiaki Matsumoto currently drives an Infiniti Q50 Hybrid. His first car was a Nissan Silvia.


August 2015

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