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Celso Guiotoko - Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Alliance Global Vice President of Global Corporate IS/IT


 Celso GUIOTOKO - Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Alliance Global Vice President of Global Corporate IS/IT

  • Expertise: Information technology and strategy, business transformation
  • Availability: Phone interviews, radio, TV                       
  • Location: Yokohama, Japan
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English and Portuguese
  • DOB: January 1959


Who is Celso Guiotoko?

Celso Guiotoko is the Alliance Global Vice President for the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Corporate Vice President, and Chief Information Officer of Global Corporate IS/IT. Celso leads a global organization of more than 3,000 professionals who support the business strategy for Renault, Nissan and the Renault-Nissan Alliance. His teams support Renault and Nissan mid-term plans under a common IT mid-term plan called VITESSE - inspired by the French term for speed, and an acronym for Values Innovation Technology, Simplification and Service Excellence. The framework provides the same processes, objectives and performance metrics to ensure both companies in the Alliance maintain a world-class IT organization. 


Career History

Celso has more than 30 years of experience as an information technology leader and has a very hands-on approach to technical and technological matters. Celso has a multicultural background and boasts a truly intercontinental curriculum vitae, with previous positions in Brazil, the U.S. and Japan. Celso joined Nissan in 2004 as chief information officer, following a series of roles in industries that spanned supply chain management, semiconductors, financial services and business and software consulting services. He was attracted to the opportunity to transform Nissan's IT organization and the complexity of the automotive industry was an equally irresistible challenge. He was appointed as the IS/IT managing director for Renault-Nissan in 2009 with a mandate to create and capitalize on synergies between both organizations.


Achievements at Nissan

Celso's team helped launch a multi-year plan, which began in 2005, to transform Nissan's IT organization. The plan - named BEST for business alignment, enterprise architecture, selective sourcing and technology simplification - introduced more transparency for senior management around the company's IT investment strategy, technology standardization roadmap, cost management and process to manage vendors. The second phase of the transformation, VITESSE, began in 2011, as part of Power 88, Nissan's mid-term plan.


Personal Memory

Celso is particularly proud of his team's contributions in supporting the business expansion for the Alliance in growing markets, like Brazil, China and India.


Why is Nissan Different?

Celso believes the combination of Nissan's strong execution in combination with Renault's strategic view deliver a very effective partnership. 


Future Predictions

The collaboration between IT, engineering and R&D will increase. Celso's team is fully integrated in Nissan's Research Center in Silicon Valley, where the company continues to innovate in the emerging technology that powers autonomous vehicles and connected cars. Celso believes technology will change how drivers interact with their vehicles, including the ability to personalize their cars based on their driving behavior.


Education and Awards

  • Escola Politecnica - Universidade de Sao Paulo, B.S in Civil Engineering
  • Faculdade de Economia e Administracao; Universidade de Sao Paulo, B.A. in Accounting Science
  • CIO of the year Japan, Oracle Magazine; Japan Visionary Award, Symantec (2008)
  • Best of CIO Award, CIO Magazine; Information Technology Award, Japan Institute of Information Technology (2010)
  • Innovation Award, Red Hat; Information Technology Award, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; NISSAN COO Special Award (2011)
  • "Transformation Trophy," French publication '01 Business & Technologies' (2012)
  • Best Global Business Solution, Red Hat (2013)
  • "Competitive IT Strategy Company," Tokyo Stock Exchange (2015)

In Celso Guiotoko's Personal Time

Celso enjoys running and is an avid reader. He is married and has a son and two daughters.


Celso Guiotoko's Current Ride

Celso drives a Nissan Fuga when he's in Japan and an Infiniti Q50 when he is in the U.S.


August 2015

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