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Daniele Schillaci - Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

Daniele Schillaci - Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

  • Expertise: Marketing & Sales Strategy, Product & Price Positioning, Sales Distribution, Turnaround
  • Availability: Print, roundtables, auto shows
  • Location: Yokohama, Japan
  • Languages spoken: French, Italian, English and Spanish
  • DOB: December 1964

Who is Daniele Schillaci?

Daniele is head of Nissan’s global sales and marketing division. His remit spans all of the corporation’s brands – Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti. His brief is to elevate their brand building and positioning, making them more attractive, customer-orientated and live up to the service promise to its customers, under the vision of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Daniele’s other focus is on increasing Nissan’s sales and establishing an industry leading sales organisation. His role includes taking advantage of opportunities in emerging markets where Nissan has the potential for stronger performance. In addition, Daniele is responsible for Nissan’s pioneering electric vehicle program and battery business.


Career history

Daniele has a seasoned background in marketing and sales alike. Having always had a passion for cars, he is engaged by the complexity of the products and says: “My heart is in the automotive industry”. His experience spans a number of the world’s most well-known brands including Renault, Alfa Romeo, Toyota and Lexus.


Daniele’s working life began at Renault in 1993, where he spent seven years working in various operational and sales positions.


He was at Fiat between 2001 and 2002 as head of the company’s subsidiary brand, Alfa Romeo, in the Italian market, before moving on to Toyota.


During his time at Toyota, where he started in the European marketing team, Daniele worked across market development (2002-04), as well as operations for the Lexus brand (2005-06), before moving into leadership roles at the regional offices. In 2006 he was named Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota Spain, and in 2010 became President and Chief Executive Officer of the French division of the company.


Daniele assumed his final role at Toyota, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Toyota Motor Europe, in 2012, before joining Nissan in July 2015.


What would you like to achieve at Nissan?  

Daniele’s aim is to reinforce the ‘innovation that excites’ brand tagline within customers minds and to utilise Nissan’s diversity to build a more strongly branded company. He said: “I firmly believe that nothing is impossible if you have a vision. If everyone works together with passion, the sky is the limit. It all depends on us, the workforce of this company. I want to realize this vision of building the strongest marketing and sales team in the automotive industry.”


Personal Memory

Daniele reflects proudly upon his handling of the Spanish financial crisis in 2008. At the time, together with his team, he anticipated the financial crisis well in advance. He manoeuvred Toyota Spain through the instable environment and ensured it could operate efficiently within the new market conditions. He recalls: “At this time much of the workforce had never experienced a crisis. We needed to be united, and work as hard as we could. I helped them understand and deal with the crisis, and together we managed to increase performance and keep all the dealers motivated”.


Why is Nissan Different?

For Daniele, Nissan has three core strengths: it is a relatively ‘fast’ company, it has diversity at all levels of management, and it has a strong knowledge of innovation and technology.


Future Predictions

Daniele sees connectivity and autonomous drive, helping to lead to zero emissions and zero fatalities, as one of the most striking trends. He believes these will make customers’ lives easier.



  • Engineer in New Industrial Technologies & Business Management, Polytechnic University of Milan, 1993
  • CEDEP Program, INSEAD, 1996
  • Executive Development Program, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 2008


In Daniele’s Personal Time

Daniele enjoys spending time with his wife, exploring Tokyo and Japan, playing tennis and reading.


Daniele’s Current Ride

Daniele drives a Nissan Skyline and he is a “huge fan” of the GT-R. The first car he drove was an Opel Kadett. 


April 2016

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