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Laurent David - Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance, Nissan Europe

Laurent DAVID -

Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance, Nissan Europe

  • Expertise: Administration, finance, regulation, compliance, auditing
  • Availability: Phone, TV and radio interviews
  • Location: Rolle, Switzerland
  • Languages spoken: English, French and German
  • DOB: September 1971

Who is Laurent David?

Laurent joined Nissan Europe in June 2016, having been Director, Accounting and Performance Control at RCI Banque, the financial services provider for the Renault-Nissan Alliance. At Nissan he is responsible for all aspects of Administration and Finance, optimising commercial performance and ensuring the company is fully compliant with all regulations.

Laurent jointly reports to Joseph Peter, Chief Financial Officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Paul Willcox, Chairman, Nissan Europe.


He is also responsible for ISIT (Information Systems/Information Technology), ensuring the latest technology is rolled out to employees across the organisation.


Career history

Prior to his current appointment at Nissan, Laurent worked for automotive financial services provider, RCI Banque. He joined RCI in 1994, holding various roles at that company including Director General for Poland for six years, Director of Controlling and Director of Accounting and Performance Control. Prior to starting his career in finance he studied Business at ESCP Europe.


What’s the best thing about working at Nissan?

Laurent said the energy and positivity of the environment were the best things about working for Nissan, which has a strong company culture. He also observes that it is a very multicultural and international company, employing people from all over the world. “It’s in the DNA of Nissan to work in a multicultural way.”


Personal Memory

Laurent describes one of the most memorable moments of his career being the time he spent in Poland creating a bank from scratch. “We had to do everything – from getting the right licenses, to investing in ISIT, employing new people, and developing their skills. It was satisfying because we succeeded in creating something none of us had achieved before. It’s still running ten years later.”


Future Predictions

Laurent predicts an industry revolution in the coming years, not only with new technology but changes in customer behaviour. “Autonomous has huge potential to disrupt the industry, changing attitudes to driving and also inviting competition from new entrants into the market. Traditional automotive companies will have to find their place in this changing world.”


Laurent also sees huge potential for the automotive industry to expand. “In the short term we see some slow down but in the coming years there will be significant growth in Asia.”



Laurent studied Business at the ESCP Europe Business School.


In Laurent’s Personal Time

Laurent enjoys the outdoors and is a keen runner and cyclist. He also has a black belt in judo.


Laurent’s Current Ride

Laurent currently drives an Infiniti QX70. His first car was a Renault 4L.

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