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Philippe Saillard - Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe

Philippe Saillard, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing,

Nissan Europe

  • Expertise: Business planning, sales and marketing, financial management and reporting
  • Availability: TV, Phone, Radio
  • Location: Rolle, Switzerland
  • Languages spoken: French, English, German
  • DOB: January 1966

Who is Philippe Saillard?

Philippe is Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketng at Nissan Europe, a role which he took on in April 2017.  


As Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Europe, Philippe leads the European Sales and Marketing organisation. This involves overseeing product planning, customer care, marketing, sales, aftersales and directing the Regional Business Units across Europe. As such he is also in close contact with other core areas of the business such as finance, manufacturing, supply chain management and Research & Development teams.


After agreeing the strategy with Japan, Philippe oversees the price of vehicles along with the incentives provided to customers and costs such as marketing, advertising and product development.


Career history

Prior to this role he was Vice President Sales Operations where he was responsible for leading the dealer network development strategy as well as driving corporate sales and used car activities. Prior to this, Philippe also spent  six years overseeing Nissan’s operations across Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Poland. During that time the remit of his role changed dramatically, with the most recent focus being responding to the Russian economic challenges, primarily driven by the currency volatility.

A large part of the rest of his role was preparing Nissan’s operations in these regions for future market changes. He has worked hard to ensure the company is best placed to respond to positive changes when the market picks up.

Philippe joined Nissan as General Manager of Sales Operations in 2006, following 14 years at Ford Motor Company.

In 2009 he moved to become the Sales Director of Infiniti Europe, before moving back to Nissan as Central Eastern Europe Managing Director.

After studying finance and working in a high street bank for two years, Philippe decided to move industry for a more commercially focused role.

Achievements at Nissan

Philippe said: “I am particularly proud of the work I did for Infiniti because it was such an interesting time in the brand’s history. I joined just after the introduction, we were moving from a start-up mentality to an established organisation, managing the marketability of the products.” He added: “We were doing this with a network that was developing quickly but without even a team in place properly. We were each doing many jobs – and that was exciting.”


Personal Memory

In terms of things that have had a significant impact on Philippe’s experience and career, he describes his previous role as being unlike any others he’s had. He said: “My job looking after the Russian market was the most challenging I have ever experienced. Living and working in Russia was completely unique. It wasn’t just a unique job position but a unique market, regulation, customers, and product – it kept me on my toes that’s for sure.”

Why is Nissan Different?

Philippe described Nissan as a diverse company that is responding well to challenging market conditions across the region.

Future Predictions

Philippe said: “There are so many things happening that is shaping the future of mobility. We are an important part of that change and I’m proud to say that we’re right at the front of it.” He added: “Look at landscape, we have car sharing, autonomous drive technologies and electric vehicles feeding into the power grids. I’m sure that in the next 10 years many of the things we’re currently doing will dramatically change. That’s why the industry very quickly became a huge passion of mine when I was younger – cars and mobility are very emotive subjects. It’s exciting, emotional, fun and futuristic.”


  • ESSEC Business School, Paris - Executive MBA: 2008 - 2009
  • ESLSCA – Master of Business Administration: 1986 - 1989

In Philippe’s Personal Time

Philippe enjoys discovering and trying different wines, it is a hobby he discovered in his early 20s. He also enjoys spending time “near the water” – whether that’s boating or fishing.

Philippe’s Current Ride

Philippe’s first car was a Renault Quatrelle – a 1974 export model in light blue, generously handed down by his mother. He now drives QX70.


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Media Contacts

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Section Manager - Corporate Communications
Phone: +41(0)79 808 3397