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Nissan and Sibeg partner to develop a new electric ecosystem in Italy

Nissan and Sibeg, the bottler for Coca-Cola Company, have formed an agreement to create an electric ecosystem in the Region of Sicily consisting of vehicles and infrastructures.


CATANIA, Sicily – Nissan and Sibeg, the bottler of products from the Coca-Cola Company in the Sicilian market, have accelerated the pace of sustainable mobility in Sicily. The two companies have formed an agreement to create an electric ecosystem consisting of vehicles and infrastructures. This signals the start of the second phase of the "Green Mobility Project" – which includes 110 new 100%-electric Nissan LEAFs used by Sibeg sales representatives and eight new fast-charging stations.


Nissan and Sibeg partner to develop a new electric ecosystem in Italy


For Nissan, the new ecosystem is an application of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company's strategy to change how cars are driven, powered and integrated into society. Sibeg has partnered with ALD Automotive to provide all administrative and management services for the cars through its E-go Long-Term Rental proposal. Thanks to its strategic partnership with Enel X, the major long-term rental company offers integrated mobility services for the spread of zero-emission mobility.


Through the cooperation with Nissan, Sibeg has expanded its infrastructure network across the entire island, which now counts a total of 68 charging stations. The eight new quick chargers add to the previous 60 charging points installed by Sibeg in partnership with Enel. Seven of the existing 60 are fast-charging, thus giving new impetus to corporate as well as local e-mobility.


The growing EV infrastructure in Italy will contribute towards the expansion of the electric car market. In 2017, there was a 135% rise in EV use in Sicily compared to the previous year – in part thanks to the recharging network improvements. In fact in 2015, when the project first began, there were only three charging stations installed in Sicily.


The new Nissan LEAF electric vehicles replace previous ones already assigned to the Field Force back in 2015 during the first phase of the "Green Mobility Project." This initial stage made Sibeg the first company in Europe to equip itself with full-electric zero-emission vehicles, as well as four electric scooters used for activities on smaller islands.


The "Green Mobility Project" is a revolution of corporate mobility as well as an infrastructure resource for the territory and the environment. It prevents the emission of 363 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, the same quantity absorbed by 27,225 trees in one year.



Nissan has one of the most comprehensive European presences of any overseas manufacturer, employing more than 17,000 staff across locally-based design, research & development, manufacturing, logistics and sales & marketing operations. Last year Nissan plants in the UK, Spain and Russia produced more than 640,000 vehicles including award-winning crossovers, commercial vehicles and the Nissan LEAF, the world’s most popular electric vehicle. Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility vision is designed to guide Nissan’s product and technology pipeline and this 360 degree approach to the future of mobility will anchor critical company decisions around how cars are powered, how cars are driven, and how cars integrate into society. Nissan is positioned to become the most desirable Asian brand in Europe.

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