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Kov 01, 2016 ID: 137985
Back in 2002, a 25 strong project team from across Nissan's product planning, engineering, design and business development departments ventured to Nissan's technical centre in Japan for a twelve-month project to develop the next generation Nissan Almera.
Bir 30, 2015 ID: 134703
Stuntman Terry Grant has broken his own world record for the fastest mile travelled on two wheels in a four-wheeled vehicle - the sporty incarnation of Nissan's Juke, the NISMO RS.
Kov 03, 2015 ID: 130186
Ženevos automobilių parodoje pristatomas naujausias crossover modelių asortimentas, atspindintis „Nissan" viziją ir novatorišką požiūrį. Daugiau pasirinkimo variantų ir aukštesnę kokybę siūlantys visi trys modeliai - „Juke", „Qashqai" ir „X-Trail" - dar kartą pabrėžia „Nissan" užimamą lyderės poziciją crossover sektoriuje.
Kov 03, 2015 ID: 130183
Performance, passion and a never-ending ambition to bring advanced racing technology within reach of road car drivers has underpinned Nissan's drive to further expand its NISMO road car range. Geneva 2015 sees Nissan confirm its commitment to the NISMO brand by showing the new Juke NISMO RS, 370Z NISMO and GT-R NISMO together for the first time.