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sep 19, 2018 ID: 426233480
Nissan šodien, 2018. gada Hannoveres automobiļu izstādē, atklāja neticamo Nissan Navara Dark Sky konceptautomobili, pierādot, ka viss ir iespējams
sep 19, 2018 ID: 426233482
The Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept car has been developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and has been unveiled at Hannover Motor Show 2018. The concept highlights how Nissan is creating the best solutions for its customers, developing innovative solutions to meet their business needs. Following HMS 2018, the telescope will be donated to a chosen organisation.
sep 19, 2018 ID: 426233428
Nissan Intelligent Mobility is Nissan’s key focus for the future of mobility
sep 19, 2018 ID: 426233479
The growing demand for zero-emission commercial vehicles across Europe has enabled the Nissan e-NV200 to secure strong sales across the continent.
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